Sunday, June 27, 2010


I have wanted to start a business selling my beaded jewellery for the longest time.

I was googling one night looking for prices on one of the particular items I use a lot...and came across something that got me real excited!! It was a Twilight charm bracelet! It was a silver charm bracelet with 7 charms - each representing a different pivotal role in the movie.

So I started googling, looking for suppliers of charms, looking for the best prices, best delivery etc. lol this fuelled my spreadsheet obsession too! :)

I loaned some money from my dad - and finally the charms arrived from the US and goods are ready to go :)

I am really hoping to make a good go of this......I need to be financially independant now - not having to rely on maintenance from J!

My Facebook page is up here and here is my signature piece.

If you have any any marketing/sales ideas for me please feel free to comment :) Thank you!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

*sheepishly* waving hello :)

Well my it has been absolutely ages havent it. The last 4 months have been a rollercoaster of a ride!!

In short:
- My divorce was finalised on the 21st May.
- I have met the most wonderful man - his name is Paul and he is *almost* everything I have ever ever hoped for in a partner! He truly is my *Edward* and I am totally in love with him!

Jase has not been playing nice at all. He has left me totally financially in shit - In April even though he was still living here didnt give me a single cent.

In May he paid my maintenance into the wrong account so our joint debit orders took my maintenance money.

So that was playing two months catch up.

This month?? he has decided he now wants the kids - his ultimatum? Give him the kids or he wont pay me.

So I wont be getting my maintenance money this month either. Which means he will be arrested.

Which means he has decided to sue me for sole custody of the children. I am going to have another fight on my hands people.