Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mommy Burnout.

Now don't get me wrong..I truly truly love my children, lol but right now I feel as if I have a bit of mommy burnout..if there is even such a thing.

I don't get much help at from the time I wake up till the time the girls are asleep its all on me baby :) lol.

Just for once..I would like J to wake up and dress the girls and pack the bags and make the lunches...
And make ME coffee before I get out of bed..

Just for one evening I would love J to bath the girls while I try cook dinner and load laundry and pack lunches. Heck he can even do all that..and I'll do what he does :) (Play PS3)

Just for one weekend I would love J to get up early with the girls and let me lie in a bit..seen as I get up on average an hour earlier then him in the mornings.

Even though I am always busy on weekends..quite often both days I always either have one or both girls with me..even to book club. In fact I can't remember when last I went to book club without a child lol.

I know it sounds horrid..but after the last long weekend I was almost glad to be back at work? So I could just sit in one place for more then 5 mins and not have anyone ask me for anything lol.

Oh...and to be able to use the bathroom in peace :) :) :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

This time of the month....Arghhh!!

I hate this time of the month.

NOt for the normal reason that woman hate a time of the

One day a month I have to work late so that I can hand all my stuff over to payroll so they can pay my brokers salaries.

This wouldn't be a problem for most..but when you have a husband without a drivers license it is a HUGE problem as my children can not get home.

Ok..not children really..Saige's school is about 500m down the road so J normally walks to fetch her after he has caught a taxi home.

Last year wasnt a problem as both my girls were at the same preschool so it was fine for J to fetch them and walk home with him.

My problem is Lemon that is now in Primary school. Her school is quite a distance away and definitely not within walking distance.

I really am so tired about stressing about this every single month. I've called in so many favours its not even funny anymore.

And this month I am dry. I have no favours to call in. My close off is tomorrow and I have NO idea how my child is going to get home. J gets upset with me that I have to work late..but what can I do? Its part and parcel of my job. And it is only one day a month.

To be honest I stress from one close off to the next and its really not fun for me anymore!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Why do simple things always turn out so complicated??

My brother is coming out from Oz in November for a visit - with his GF and 4 of her family members.

It is my mom's 70th birthday while they are here. brother wants all of us to go to Cape Town for a week.

Sounds simple?
Pmsl not when you are dealing with my family!

Ok - the story goes like so..

My parents are members of Flexi club holiday club we go on holiday for next to nothing.

They make a booking here

For my brother and his 5 cronies from New Zealand it will be R7800 - for Myself J and the kids it will be R2000.

For a full week in Cape Town?? Thats an insane price!

Not to mention the Strand is rather central for all the touristy places!

I am so excited..I cant wait to tell Fabian (my brother). Then he hits me with "ahh but if we want to go drinking in CT we won't be able to drive back"

Flip I was annoyed!! Then this morning he says the NZ contingent want to stay closer to town!

So my brother finds a place for R1100 PER DAY . I'm sorry but I just can't afford that! I'm not spending money thats been exchanged at a 5:1 ratio like they are! As it is with the other place I would have spent R10 000 (flights, accoms and car hire) before I even GOT to Cape Town!

So now he's all pissed off with me because I got upset about the price. And he doesnt want to go to Cape Town if we don't all go.

Another spanner in the works is that if my brother doesn't take the booking at the place they booked they don't want to go....which, in all fairness is a but unfair as my brother is paying for them.

The worst part s, I am the middle man between my folks and my brother. My dad gets pissed off with Fabian...shouts at me and vice It drives me batty!

So. I had a chat with J on the way home and he did kind of put it into perspective for me...kinda...maybe....a little.

He is right when he says its not often I get to see my go with the flow he tells

That would be easier if I wasnt spending my girls school fee's for the year on a 7 day holiday! lol

The pic below was taken about 2 yrs ago..when my bro was out here last. Him myself and Lemmie went to Ballito for a week :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm sore!!!!!

I played Golf (well not really played..went to the driving range lol) yesterday for the first time in just over a year.

Lol I have muscles aching that I forgot I had! But man it felt good to hold those clubs in my hands again!

I don't know how we did it before I fell preggies with Saige. Honestly for the first year to year and a half that we started we were there every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday. Often for the entire day. And yet we haven't had a chance in the last year? lol

I really do love it though..I love the description they have on the web page , South Africa's First Golfing Theme Park.
And if you enjoy golf it really is like that.
I love being out in the fresh air away from the pc and TV and the same for my kids. As well as the fitness aspect.

I think its going to be a regular now..every weekend I would like to go at least once. Even if I have to go on my own :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back into cakes again....

I posted some time ago about the fact that I completely messed up a friends cake for her daughter's birthday.

It took me a while to even attempt another cake again...actually a long while.

My neighbour saw the cake I did for Saige's birthday and asked for one just like it for her sisters baby shower.

I hesitantly agreed, lol - but I must admit I am pretty pleased with how it turned out - especially after I had been at book club the same night I had to complete it, lol.

Thanks for taking a peek :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My first weigh in and other news...

I was pleasantly surprised when I went for my first weigh in - I was 3.3 kg down!!!! Man I did not expect that at all! I was hoping for somewhere around 1.5 - 2 - when she said 3.3 I was floored...really!!

But...I havent had a good week at all this week...I have been making Easter eggs for the kids...and....who can resist licking a spoon coated in melted chocolate!! lol. I feel dreadful every time I do it..but I can't help it man...its Easter dammit! Whats Easter without chocolate??? lol.

But...I should be finished all the eggs by tomorrow night so should be the end of it!! I don't think the kids will allow me anywhere near their eggs on Sunday...bwahahahah

So back to cucumbers and tuna it is for me!

I have another small bit of news that I am rather excited about!
My brother is in Perth, Australia and a mate of his that has his own business is looking for a website. Now..that seems rather simple. But not if you are in Oz apparantly. He has been quoted nothing less then R30 000 - for a simple website...nothing fancy! My brother suggested that I maybe do it for I agreed...and have quoted far, far,far less!

Here's the kicker...this dude is rather well connected it I do his well enough I may be well on my way to doing websites for quite a few small businesses in Oz.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know my greatest desire is to be a work at home mom...and this may just be the chance I am hoping for! I'm trying not to get too excited as it may well not happen....but theres nothing wrong with trying is there *wink*

Nighty night :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm back :)

Man its good to be back!!

I have been capped for the last week or so and its been absolutely agonising!! lol. I don't have net access at work either!

The biggest news from the last week is I had Saige's First Birthday Party!!

I almost cancelled the party as she had just got over an ear infection and tonsilitis but in the end she really had a good time and was so spoilt!

I was a bit upset that her father decided NOT to join us on the day. What father misses their childs first birthday party? His excuse was "its all your friends anyway" - BUT two of my friend's had their hubby's join them??

I was thinking about it later that evening...and I realised something. I am really blessed to have the friends I do. One friend had a wedding the evening before and still came despite not having had any sleep, another friend travelled from WAAY out of town (about an hours drive), another friend is hectically busy with her wedding plans and another was meant to go to her mother in law but decided to celebrate with me instead.

So regardless what was happening in thier personal lives they were still able to give some of their time to celebrate with me - I appreciate that more then they know. know what? It doesn't matter that J wasn't there - the people that wanted to be there were..and THATS what matters!

Here are some pics :)

The Cake....

Singing Happy Birthday

Whats in here??

Can you see the joy?

My eldest daughter on the right in the blue and pink top and some friends

Look ma!!
Birthday Girl!!

Check the two top toofies!!
Thanks for looking :) :)