Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm back :)

Man its good to be back!!

I have been capped for the last week or so and its been absolutely agonising!! lol. I don't have net access at work either!

The biggest news from the last week is I had Saige's First Birthday Party!!

I almost cancelled the party as she had just got over an ear infection and tonsilitis but in the end she really had a good time and was so spoilt!

I was a bit upset that her father decided NOT to join us on the day. What father misses their childs first birthday party? His excuse was "its all your friends anyway" - BUT two of my friend's had their hubby's join them??

I was thinking about it later that evening...and I realised something. I am really blessed to have the friends I do. One friend had a wedding the evening before and still came despite not having had any sleep, another friend travelled from WAAY out of town (about an hours drive), another friend is hectically busy with her wedding plans and another was meant to go to her mother in law but decided to celebrate with me instead.

So regardless what was happening in thier personal lives they were still able to give some of their time to celebrate with me - I appreciate that more then they know. know what? It doesn't matter that J wasn't there - the people that wanted to be there were..and THATS what matters!

Here are some pics :)

The Cake....

Singing Happy Birthday

Whats in here??

Can you see the joy?

My eldest daughter on the right in the blue and pink top and some friends

Look ma!!
Birthday Girl!!

Check the two top toofies!!
Thanks for looking :) :)


Gillian said...

She is gorgeous!!! Congrats.

I just love the pretty cake.

Jenty said...

Hehe, it was a pleasure to miss the MIL visit :)
Glad Saige liked her pressiet

Wenchy said...

No man that is not proper of the father not to be there... okay then again, I don't know you... I don't know if you married etc - so maybe I shouldn't comment... but all the same, it is just not proper.

She is gorgeous and I love that cake. Happy birthday to your little girl.

Tanya said...

I am married so he should have been there??
Pls feel free to comment anyway you like :)

Corey~living and loving said...

first off....glad you are back.

Secondly, my hubby hasn't been to any of Sugar's birthday parties, and you know what? it is what it is. that is just that.
He has anxiety issues around family, and if you've read my blog much, you know...he has issues, but the long and the short of it...if he doesn't want to be don't need him there.

it looks like it was a great party, and your Saige is a doll face. ♥