Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My first weigh in and other news...

I was pleasantly surprised when I went for my first weigh in - I was 3.3 kg down!!!! Man I did not expect that at all! I was hoping for somewhere around 1.5 - 2 - when she said 3.3 I was floored...really!!

But...I havent had a good week at all this week...I have been making Easter eggs for the kids...and....who can resist licking a spoon coated in melted chocolate!! lol. I feel dreadful every time I do it..but I can't help it man...its Easter dammit! Whats Easter without chocolate??? lol.

But...I should be finished all the eggs by tomorrow night so ..lol..that should be the end of it!! I don't think the kids will allow me anywhere near their eggs on Sunday...bwahahahah

So back to cucumbers and tuna it is for me!

I have another small bit of news that I am rather excited about!
My brother is in Perth, Australia and a mate of his that has his own business is looking for a website. Now..that seems rather simple. But not if you are in Oz apparantly. He has been quoted nothing less then R30 000 - for a simple website...nothing fancy! My brother suggested that I maybe do it for him....so I agreed...and have quoted far, far,far less!

Here's the kicker...this dude is rather well connected it seems...so..should I do his well enough I may be well on my way to doing websites for quite a few small businesses in Oz.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know my greatest desire is to be a work at home mom...and this may just be the chance I am hoping for! I'm trying not to get too excited as it may well not happen....but theres nothing wrong with trying is there *wink*

Nighty night :)


supermom said...

WTG on the weightloss!!! That's awesome. Keep it up :)

On the website thing. WOW. I hope it continues to grow!

Jenty said...

Woohoo on the website thing, that's very exciting!

Wenchy said...

Congrats on the weight loss babe = that is fantastic!!!!!!!!!! What I wouldn't give for a 3kg loss! am really struggling to loose the next one, nevermind three!

Well done!

I hope the web site design business works out well for you. :)