Monday, April 20, 2009

Why do simple things always turn out so complicated??

My brother is coming out from Oz in November for a visit - with his GF and 4 of her family members.

It is my mom's 70th birthday while they are here. brother wants all of us to go to Cape Town for a week.

Sounds simple?
Pmsl not when you are dealing with my family!

Ok - the story goes like so..

My parents are members of Flexi club holiday club we go on holiday for next to nothing.

They make a booking here

For my brother and his 5 cronies from New Zealand it will be R7800 - for Myself J and the kids it will be R2000.

For a full week in Cape Town?? Thats an insane price!

Not to mention the Strand is rather central for all the touristy places!

I am so excited..I cant wait to tell Fabian (my brother). Then he hits me with "ahh but if we want to go drinking in CT we won't be able to drive back"

Flip I was annoyed!! Then this morning he says the NZ contingent want to stay closer to town!

So my brother finds a place for R1100 PER DAY . I'm sorry but I just can't afford that! I'm not spending money thats been exchanged at a 5:1 ratio like they are! As it is with the other place I would have spent R10 000 (flights, accoms and car hire) before I even GOT to Cape Town!

So now he's all pissed off with me because I got upset about the price. And he doesnt want to go to Cape Town if we don't all go.

Another spanner in the works is that if my brother doesn't take the booking at the place they booked they don't want to go....which, in all fairness is a but unfair as my brother is paying for them.

The worst part s, I am the middle man between my folks and my brother. My dad gets pissed off with Fabian...shouts at me and vice It drives me batty!

So. I had a chat with J on the way home and he did kind of put it into perspective for me...kinda...maybe....a little.

He is right when he says its not often I get to see my go with the flow he tells

That would be easier if I wasnt spending my girls school fee's for the year on a 7 day holiday! lol

The pic below was taken about 2 yrs ago..when my bro was out here last. Him myself and Lemmie went to Ballito for a week :)


Fiona's photo a day said...

Tan I think you guys could all go down to the Cape but just stay in separate places. That's what we did when we went down 3 years ago with friends and it worked out well. Plus taxi's in CT are SO cheap. One night Don and I wanted to go out drinking but didn't want to drive home so we caught a taxi there and back and it cost us R30 *shock* Seriously!

Wenchy said...

Sounds very complicated all this family stuff.... as it is in all families!