Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shew its been a while

Time really does fly hey! Sorry I have neglected my blog over the last week.

I just opened my home email to find a letter from the managing agents of our complex.

They are retarring all our roads,damp proofing and re-painting all the units.

The idiots accepted a quote for R1.400 000 - there are 74 units in our complex. That equates to R20 000 per unit!!!!

I am flipping furious right now! At the AGM they mentioned they were getting quotes...but not that they had accepted any!

I can barely get through the month as it is...where the heck do they expect people to get R20 000 to pay to have thier damn units painted??? We're in a recession...hellloooooooo!!

Well they can honestly go and whistle for their money..because quite frankly I just do not have R20 000 nor do I have an extra R6000 to pay it off over 3 months as they propose!!!!


PS I initially said R4000 per month..it was a typo..its just over R6000 - edited to fix

Monday, May 18, 2009

So he's back.

So J is back. He went away to Cape Town for 8 days to business.

I know most wive's would miss thier husbands when they're away from home right? The sad truth is I don't miss mine at all.

Not at a single moment during the week did I think "Gee I miss J..he always does this" Or "I wish J was here to do this for me"

Why? lol well the truth is he really does not do much for me when he IS here..so honestly I get on better without him..I have no expectations of anyone except myself.

In fact as I type..I have him sitting on the couch telling me its 30 seconds till its time to go to bed and if I'm not done here he will pull out the modem cable.

So let me get going...ps...I may need bail money in the morning!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I heard a rumour..

that it was Mothers day today??

This is the second year in a row that I have not had a Mothers Day.

Last year when he hadn't mentioned a thing (so obviously my 5yr old wouldnt know either) by dinner time I was a bit upset...when I told him what was wrong he said "well you're a cr@p mother and cr@p mothers don't deserve a Mothers day"

When I say that comment cut me deep..I mean it cut me deeeeep! I have never ever forgotten it..and when we had arguments and he asks why I seem so distant from him those are one of the occasions that I mention.

So I thought today would be different you know? Now look I don't expect an expensive gift or anything extravagant at all..but just coffee in bed, or even a Happy Mothers day will suffice.

By this afternoon when I had to take him to the airport I was really angry. Because obviously he had not considered my feelings at all..knowing how upset I was over last year. I stupidly thought he would make a small effort this year you know?

Well by this afternoon when he asked me "when I was going to do the dishes" I yelled "when you can wish me a happy f**ing mothers day"
So he looked at me with his eyebrows raised and said "but you're not my mother"

Geez at that point I honestly just shut down. I felt really stupid for honestly expecing him to even try make me feel special in even the smallest way.

I give up from now on. I really do. Last year I still went to a lot of trouble for him for fathers day.

This year? He's not MY father!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Update on Website..

I spoke about a website that I had been asked to do by one of my brothers friends in Perth.

Well..it is almost done! :) :)

We had to drag content out of them though, lol. They seemed quite happy with what J and I had on the site..but that was just from a bit of research we had done and most of it was purely for place holder value..but..they liked it! lol. Now what J and I know about building boats is dangerous! pmsl.

Its up in its testing environment - we are still waiting for a few more snippets of info from them before we go live.

I am quite excited as I think it came together rather nicely..and best of all the clients love it too :)

So hold thumbs this is the first of many for us!

You are welcome to take a peek :)


Its not very fancy, but we find that generally most websites are too cluttered with media and images and its sometimes difficult to find what you are looking for. So we tend to take the clean, clinical approach.

I'd love to hear any crit you may have :)