Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shew its been a while

Time really does fly hey! Sorry I have neglected my blog over the last week.

I just opened my home email to find a letter from the managing agents of our complex.

They are retarring all our roads,damp proofing and re-painting all the units.

The idiots accepted a quote for R1.400 000 - there are 74 units in our complex. That equates to R20 000 per unit!!!!

I am flipping furious right now! At the AGM they mentioned they were getting quotes...but not that they had accepted any!

I can barely get through the month as it is...where the heck do they expect people to get R20 000 to pay to have thier damn units painted??? We're in a recession...hellloooooooo!!

Well they can honestly go and whistle for their money..because quite frankly I just do not have R20 000 nor do I have an extra R6000 to pay it off over 3 months as they propose!!!!


PS I initially said R4000 per month..it was a typo..its just over R6000 - edited to fix


Jenty said...

That's insane!!
And btw how does R4000 per month for 3 months equal R20k... you'd score there ;)m

Tanya said...

Cr@p it was a typo! lol Its actually R6000 - gonna fix it quick!

Laura said...

HUH? Is it assumed that each complex will pay?

Did they not hear about the recession?

Seriously that is insane!

angel said...

Holy mackerel! Why didn't they give anyone the option to see the quotes before going ahead?!? I'd be furious too.