Monday, May 4, 2009

Update on Website..

I spoke about a website that I had been asked to do by one of my brothers friends in Perth. is almost done! :) :)

We had to drag content out of them though, lol. They seemed quite happy with what J and I had on the site..but that was just from a bit of research we had done and most of it was purely for place holder value..but..they liked it! lol. Now what J and I know about building boats is dangerous! pmsl.

Its up in its testing environment - we are still waiting for a few more snippets of info from them before we go live.

I am quite excited as I think it came together rather nicely..and best of all the clients love it too :)

So hold thumbs this is the first of many for us!

You are welcome to take a peek :)

Its not very fancy, but we find that generally most websites are too cluttered with media and images and its sometimes difficult to find what you are looking for. So we tend to take the clean, clinical approach.

I'd love to hear any crit you may have :)

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Jenty said...

Very well done Tanya!