Monday, August 29, 2011

Lem and her Guitar

Ever since Jeanette invited me to attend her workshop I have had this idea in my head for photos I wanted to take of Lem.

On Saturday I bought her a new guitar and as we had nothing planned for the afternoon I decided that it was the perfect oppurtunity :)

I was going for the moody / indie look lol. Lem is the queen of sulk so it was quite easy to get the look I was going for :)

This is my favourite!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Time to Give Back

I have been involved in a number of charitable projects over the last few years, but have always wanted to be more involved - to spend a bit more of my time helping those less fortunate then I.I have also had so much help over the last year that I felt I needed to give a little back.

It was a couple of weeks ago that I had a whack load of the girls older clothing to give away that I tweeted Jeanette to ask if she knew where I could donate them, she suggested Ikholwa - which is not to far from where we live.

When I got there - I cant explain how I felt. It may sound crazy when I say the home spoke to me, but it really did. I felt this was where I was needed...gosh that does sound nuts :)
Anyway I contacted them and went for my interview and I am free to start volunteering as and when I wish.

They have children from babies to teens and all the children are there for different reasons, but I have chosen to work with the toddlers.

After speaking to the House Mother I decided that I will get Lem involved too. I think it would be an awesome Mother/Daughter activity for us - and I think she could learn a lot from the experience.

I honestly cant wait to get started :) The best part is once you are known and trusted by the home you are able to take children for the weekend / day trips. That will so amazing! And then there is always the chance to adopt a child as well.

I may use my blog from time to time to request help for the Ikholwa in the form of material donations as from what I now understand the funding is very limited and it does take a lot to run these homes - even the school fees need to be paid from the home itself. I thought they would get a concession but they dont.