Monday, August 29, 2011

Lem and her Guitar

Ever since Jeanette invited me to attend her workshop I have had this idea in my head for photos I wanted to take of Lem.

On Saturday I bought her a new guitar and as we had nothing planned for the afternoon I decided that it was the perfect oppurtunity :)

I was going for the moody / indie look lol. Lem is the queen of sulk so it was quite easy to get the look I was going for :)

This is my favourite!


Anonymous said...

The first one is my favourite too :)

Where does she go for guitar lessons Tanya?

Tanya said...

Fee she goes to a lady in Olivedale.

Lea White said...

What beautiful photos! Bianca gets lessons also, but at this point still a bit of a struggle :-)

Corey~living and loving said...

she is so beautiful. Great shots. :) how lovely. I want to learn the guitar.