Sunday, August 22, 2010

My blog has been badly neglected

the last while. I have had so much going on I just haven't really had much time to sort my thoughts and get them down in some sort of an orderly fashion.

I am still really battling with J. He hasnt paid me for 3 months now.

I had to cancel Lem's birthday party - but when one of my friends found out she transferred enough money into my account to still be able to have a party for her!
And a lot of the providers gave me discounts / donations when they heard what had been going on. I was truly truly blessed to be able to give her an awesome party!

I am considering suing Jase for sole custody. I applied for a Warrant of Attachment and a Garnishee order on his salary - the garnishee for future dated payments and then the Warrant of Attachment for the payments he has missed. They attach his property and sell it in order to get me my money. I realy really wish things had not gone this route!

Some how J has gained access to my home email and found out about the garnishee order that should (hopefully) be in place by the end of this month.
So he resigned. To go and live with his brother in durban for a few months. He is giving up his house, his car, his job, his friends, everything....just to not pay me.

So I decided to possibly sue for sole custody. He doesn't deserve them!

This is an excerpt from one of his mails:

So yeah, I’ll resign, I’ll give up my job, give up my R200 000 of shares that mature next year, my 7yrs of permanent position here (with 3 years to go for a major bonus), I will leave even though I’m a retention candidate with tons of perks and I’ll leave my +R50k salary…I’ll give up my new house that I bought, the furniture that I bought, I will give up every girl that I have relationships with and that might have turned to something long-term, I’ll give up all my new and old friends that I have re-kindle relationships with, I’ll give up my new routine including gym that I was doing well at and most of all, I’ll give my children up and I’ll do charity work for institutionalised children in Durban for no pay..until I can get sponsored to work in the UK or Australia and that’s the only choice I have ..

This whole thing started because he thinks I am asking for too much maintenance. But,...he signed the inital agreement. Then he was served and he had 10 days in which to contest, he didnt. He said thats because he thought him and I would try work it out after the divorce (ummmm.....what??)

As he said in his email he will throw everything away rather then give me (never mentions the kids) one more cent! I know he is sore because of Paul..but honestly??? In the last month before the divorce he had 5 different chicks he was sleeping with! and bragged about it, to me!

so yes, I now finally have a man that treats me right and he doesnt want to pay a cent towards P's living expenses! Thats why he is fighting me on this too.

He is still well within his rights to go to the maintenance courts and challenge me. I have no problem with that and I told him. But...he would rather go this route.

In my final email to him I told him that i hope he can look himself in his mirror one day and like what he sees....becaues he is losing WAY more then he thinks he is! Let him carry on. I will have my kids, I will have P. P and I WILL make it, and hopefully soon I will be able to make it without his money. And i will have the kids........him???? He wil be alone.