Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wow things have taken off!!!

I posted about the work that Lem and I are going to be doing at Ikholwa...Well Nicci read my post and was inspired to start a project she has wanted to do for a while..and thats a community garden project :)
So thanks to her partner we have a piece of ground on which to farm organically grown veggies for the home as well as the seeds - and will be getting the children involved too so as to nurture and encourage important life skills.

Thanks to the Warren at The Garden Shop Bryanston who have sponsored us hand forks for the children to use while growing thier veggies :)

Then Laura chose Ikholwa as her home for which to host a Christmas Party this year.
We have set a date - the 10th December 2011 - so this is where I ask for you to remember those less fortunate and to assist in the following areas :

You can donate R100 or whatever you can afford towards a gift and food.
You can buy a gift (a child will be assigned to you - max R100)
You can buy some party food.
You can buy a gift AND some party food.
You can help out on the day

We would also like to possibly have a jumping castle for the children - so a donation of this would be so amazing!

So please, email myself ( or contact Laura and lets give these precious children a Christmas to remember!