Friday, July 16, 2010

The courts were against me today

Or so it feels like

I applied for the garnishee order - Jasons companies HR will be subpoened to court - only to appear on the 11th August with his payslip. The magistrate will then make a decision re the garnishee order. So that leaves me at the end of this month again without a payment.

The sheriff hasn't as yet served the other warrant for Junes missed payment...if J doesnt pay the end of this month again then I have to issue another warrant.

Today alone cost my dad R5000 - I honestly can not keep going on like this....I'm an emotional wreck right now.

I was so counting on this garnishee order being in place by the end of this month so I could at least breathe again for a little while.and not have to worry about how I am going to feed my kids

Bang goes that idea!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

In Court Tomorrow

Jase is still refusing to pay me maintenance unless I give him the girls (never mind the fact it was a court order to pay me AND that he signed an agreement to pay me what I asked for). He is also STILL threatening to have the girls taken from me.

So tomorrow morning I'm going to court with my attourney to have a garnishee order put against his salary....he has NO idea! He's going to get a huge shock next week! Although he has said he will rather resign then give me a cent :roll: He honestly thinks I've just let it go.

PLUS I have had a Warrant issued for Junes Maintenance.....the sheriff is yet to serve this though :evil:

I dont get why men have to be like this...honestly!! The money is to look after his children...I've been battling for 3 months...borrowing money from my dad (and Paul) to put petrol in my car and food on my table while he has been living the high life! I'm in arrears with almost knwo when you stop answering your phone if you dont know the number? :twisted:

Honestly re-inforces the fact that leaving him was the right thing to do!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The best news ever!!!!!

Saturday night P and I had my dad over for a braai.

P was acting a bit couldnt place it. I went inside to do something and when I came out my dad was hugging P....and the two of them were all teary.

P then blurted out that he had just asked my dad for my hand and he had said yes!!

I kind of had an didnt really think it would happen...not yet anyway!!

So yes peeps..I am engaged!

I know a lot of ppl think I am absolutely nuts...but I have though long and hard about this...P completes me. He really and truly does. There is nothing that P doesnt do for me , in every way that I have to go get somewhere else. So why the heck not! ?

I am truly happy. I am truly at peace. I am truly excited!!

This is going to be one HELL of a ride!!!!!