Thursday, July 15, 2010

In Court Tomorrow

Jase is still refusing to pay me maintenance unless I give him the girls (never mind the fact it was a court order to pay me AND that he signed an agreement to pay me what I asked for). He is also STILL threatening to have the girls taken from me.

So tomorrow morning I'm going to court with my attourney to have a garnishee order put against his salary....he has NO idea! He's going to get a huge shock next week! Although he has said he will rather resign then give me a cent :roll: He honestly thinks I've just let it go.

PLUS I have had a Warrant issued for Junes Maintenance.....the sheriff is yet to serve this though :evil:

I dont get why men have to be like this...honestly!! The money is to look after his children...I've been battling for 3 months...borrowing money from my dad (and Paul) to put petrol in my car and food on my table while he has been living the high life! I'm in arrears with almost knwo when you stop answering your phone if you dont know the number? :twisted:

Honestly re-inforces the fact that leaving him was the right thing to do!


Momcat said...

All those threats are just to intimidate you into not making him pay. Its amazing how a lot of men can divorce themselves from their responsibilities. Well done on not letting his threats prevent you from doing what needs to be done through the courts.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Nail the fucker!

Wenchy said...

another reason I do not answer the phone