Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to the sea we go :)

We are leaving for the coast in the morning for a two week holiday and I must tell you I am SO excited I can hardly contain myself :) :)

Growing up my parents and I were always on holiday - my parents saved and saved so we could go away caravanning for 3/4 weeks over December and went away a few times during the year too :)
some of my best memories of my childhood are of our caravanning holidays over December.

Last December when my dad and I were sitting at dinner on New Years mourning my mom - I said to him I did not want to be at home for this xmas and that we should go away - our holiday was booked shortly after that :)

I haven't been away in December for about 15 years and I cant wait to just relax with P, the girls and my dad :) :)

Being Cancerian I am truly happiest at the sea side - I feel an overwhelming sense of calm and peace while there :)

We will be staying here

Isn't it gorgeous :)
I have 3G so will be catching up with all you peeps while away :)

Bye for now

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's always about the money!

So I picked the girls up tonight after thier stint away at thier dad.

Its sooo good to have them back.....except the tantrums cos I wont allow them to do what dad let them stay up till 2am!

And Lem came home with some earrings from Disneyland that ex-sil bought for her...four pairs at $100 a pair! lol it wasnt my money at least - I think its nuts?

Aaaaand then the customary argument with J at the pick-up cos I asked him to help me pay for Lem's stationery and new uniforms for next year......of course he said no.....he said to take it from the maintenance. He just doesn't get it! The Maintenance is for normal monthly expenses...not for expenses like this. I really think its unfair he expects me to foot the bill when he earns 6x what I do?

He says that I am going on holiday on Friday - I could have bought stationery. Yes, I am going on holiday but it was booked and paid for a year ago when we were still married - AND I actually have no spending money anyway AND my dad is paying for the TG for the beach....just praying for good weather otherwise I have no idea what we will be doing while we are there lol - except driving each other crazy! hehe.

I honest to God wish that I earned enough to not need his money! He has all the power as far as thats concerned and he knows it! It downright grates my very last nerve!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

He still hasnt seen the girls.

From the week before the court case. That was well over a month ago! He has not called, or seen them. Even for Saige's Christmas concert he was a complete No-Show.

I honestly can not believe this from him. The girls have cried real tears for him and I have nothing to tell them.

Well - I confronted him about it last week. Apparantly he has been going through a "tough time". Excuse me while I snort=laugh! The silly shit has NO idea what a tough time is!

But - he asked if he could take the girls this weekend.
His older sister is out from California for the month, she hasnt been here for 7 first instinct was to yell NO its MY weekend (I've been keeping track) but I took a step back and thought for the girls it would be the right thing to let them go. He will have them from Friday to Tuesday......and I am panicking a bit..never been without them for that long...........

It is hard to just let him waltz back in to their life when he has been out of it for so long...I wonder if he will keep it up and not just blow in and out as he feels like it.