Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to the sea we go :)

We are leaving for the coast in the morning for a two week holiday and I must tell you I am SO excited I can hardly contain myself :) :)

Growing up my parents and I were always on holiday - my parents saved and saved so we could go away caravanning for 3/4 weeks over December and went away a few times during the year too :)
some of my best memories of my childhood are of our caravanning holidays over December.

Last December when my dad and I were sitting at dinner on New Years mourning my mom - I said to him I did not want to be at home for this xmas and that we should go away - our holiday was booked shortly after that :)

I haven't been away in December for about 15 years and I cant wait to just relax with P, the girls and my dad :) :)

Being Cancerian I am truly happiest at the sea side - I feel an overwhelming sense of calm and peace while there :)

We will be staying here

Isn't it gorgeous :)
I have 3G so will be catching up with all you peeps while away :)

Bye for now


Jenty said...

Have an awesome holiday!

Hayley said...

Have an awesome safe!

Momcat said...

I wish you and your family a wonderful time together on holiday at the coast and the opportunity to recharge your batteries after this difficult year.