Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's always about the money!

So I picked the girls up tonight after thier stint away at thier dad.

Its sooo good to have them back.....except the tantrums cos I wont allow them to do what dad let them do..like stay up till 2am!

And Lem came home with some earrings from Disneyland that ex-sil bought for her...four pairs at $100 a pair! lol it wasnt my money at least - I think its nuts?

Aaaaand then the customary argument with J at the pick-up cos I asked him to help me pay for Lem's stationery and new uniforms for next year......of course he said no.....he said to take it from the maintenance. He just doesn't get it! The Maintenance is for normal monthly expenses...not for expenses like this. I really think its unfair he expects me to foot the bill when he earns 6x what I do?

He says that I am going on holiday on Friday - I could have bought stationery. Yes, I am going on holiday but it was booked and paid for a year ago when we were still married - AND I actually have no spending money anyway AND my dad is paying for the petrol..lol. TG for the beach....just praying for good weather otherwise I have no idea what we will be doing while we are there lol - except driving each other crazy! hehe.

I honest to God wish that I earned enough to not need his money! He has all the power as far as thats concerned and he knows it! It downright grates my very last nerve!

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Hayley said...

Aaarrgghhh, I have so many friends in the exact same position...what is it about some of the fathers that just refuse to understand (i know thats a generalisation).

Glad you are getting away...