Monday, May 18, 2009

So he's back.

So J is back. He went away to Cape Town for 8 days to business.

I know most wive's would miss thier husbands when they're away from home right? The sad truth is I don't miss mine at all.

Not at a single moment during the week did I think "Gee I miss J..he always does this" Or "I wish J was here to do this for me"

Why? lol well the truth is he really does not do much for me when he IS honestly I get on better without him..I have no expectations of anyone except myself.

In fact as I type..I have him sitting on the couch telling me its 30 seconds till its time to go to bed and if I'm not done here he will pull out the modem cable.

So let me get may need bail money in the morning!!!


Wenchy said...

This made me so sad.

I have had relationships of plenty and relationships of little... and living with little is fucking hard and makes ones heart sore.

Ek is jammer vriendin.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh dear. That man needs to be straightened out.

my hubby whines about the computer, and it drives me batty. Like his watching TV all day is justified, and my computer time is not. argh.

Unknown said...

He's an ass! And that's all I'm saying

Anonymous said...

Just tell him to go to bed by himself. Why on earth does he need you to do that?

AngelConradie said...

Good gravy woman... can't he find his way to the bed by himself?