Sunday, May 10, 2009

I heard a rumour..

that it was Mothers day today??

This is the second year in a row that I have not had a Mothers Day.

Last year when he hadn't mentioned a thing (so obviously my 5yr old wouldnt know either) by dinner time I was a bit upset...when I told him what was wrong he said "well you're a cr@p mother and cr@p mothers don't deserve a Mothers day"

When I say that comment cut me deep..I mean it cut me deeeeep! I have never ever forgotten it..and when we had arguments and he asks why I seem so distant from him those are one of the occasions that I mention.

So I thought today would be different you know? Now look I don't expect an expensive gift or anything extravagant at all..but just coffee in bed, or even a Happy Mothers day will suffice.

By this afternoon when I had to take him to the airport I was really angry. Because obviously he had not considered my feelings at all..knowing how upset I was over last year. I stupidly thought he would make a small effort this year you know?

Well by this afternoon when he asked me "when I was going to do the dishes" I yelled "when you can wish me a happy f**ing mothers day"
So he looked at me with his eyebrows raised and said "but you're not my mother"

Geez at that point I honestly just shut down. I felt really stupid for honestly expecing him to even try make me feel special in even the smallest way.

I give up from now on. I really do. Last year I still went to a lot of trouble for him for fathers day.

This year? He's not MY father!


Laura said...

ARGH!!!!!!! Tanya!!!!

Even H did something for for mothers day this year!!!!!! Which as you know is HUGE DAM DEAL!

The things he said to you are unacceptable and of course untrue! I am sorry you had to endure that :(

Jenty said...

He's an idiot of monumental proportion!!

supermom said...

You know that upsets me so. Where does it say "YOUR mother's day" It just says "mothers day". The day you honour MOTHERS. URGH

Corey~living and loving said...

many hugs!
I know you didn't ask for advice, but I really want to give some. :) my hubby didn't acknowledge mother's day either.

From that first mother's day (for me) I knew that it was up to me to honor myself. I have taken all expectation off of him. Here's how I figure it. Why let him ruin the day that is supposed to make me proud to be a mom?
So I make sure that it is a day for me. I plan what I want to do, and make it happen. I don't wait for others to honor me....I honor myself, and reflect on what being a mother means to me. I am so very thankful for my child, and I simply turn it into a day about her and I. That way...there is no disappointment. I do not give anyone that control over my happiness.

It is my wish for you....and next mother's day. You find the peace in honoring yourself, and your beautiful children. Make sure it is a day for YOU.


Wenchy said...

Sorry! I guess these things mean more to us than them.

Corey~living and loving said...

Thank you for leaving a comment over at my place. I do so hope that my comment here and my post gives you the incentive to take back Mother's Day. :) YOU deserve it!


totally cooked said...

next time make him find his own way to the airport - or back seeing as your name in not Personal Driver either

dadshouse said...

Mothers Day is meant to be a celebration of motherhood and all moms. You deserve better!

angel said...

OMG, he really said that to you!!?!?!
I'm sorry... happy belated mothers's day Tanya.

Natacha said...

O man Tanya, that was not nice. I have a lot of things going through my mind now, but I would not share that. ((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))

You are a wonderfull mother!!!!