Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No More Cakes!!

For the last two years I've been baking cakes to order - and I just this last weekend realised I ain't all that good! lol. I had an order for Natasha's daughters birthday cake.

I really love doing them..and these are the two of my best...

Now..this is how the cake was supposed to look..except for the teddy on top.

This is what she ended up with!!

When I first assembled the cake at 10 am it looked beautiful!! Just like the picture. I went for a shower and when I came out .....what did I see?? The top half of the cake had completely sunk into the bottom layer!! I just stood for about 5 mins staring..not believing what I was seeing!

I think I cried from that point until I finally delivered the cake...and hour later! It was a mad scramble to bake another cake and start from scratch!
I promised myself that if I ever could not deliver on a cake I would give it up.

So..any one want to buy some cake pans?? :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No man Tanya!! It was ONE time!! It happens man!!!

Dont do anything with the cake tins just yet!