Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of 2008

Can you believe it? I can not believe how fast this year has flown!

I always tend to get a bit down around New Years..I always find it a bit sad that a whole year has passed and I have not achieved many (if any) of my goals.

My highlight of this year was of course the birth of my second child. She really is my little angel - I just adore her!!

I've been thinking of what I would like to achieve in 2009. The list is

1 - Get my own business going. This has been a dream of mine for so long now..and its time for it to no longer be a dream. I so badly want..actually NEED to do this! For me and for my girls!

2 - Lose weight! I really need to start liking myself again..Its been a while since I really did. And until I like what I see in the mirror thats not going to happen.

So..thats it. Short..but doable!!

Have a save and happy New Years everyone!! Catch up with you in 2009!


Anonymous said...

My list is up today! Also very short - no point setting a million things that I wont be able to do :)

Are you joining us tonight?? I hope so :)

Unknown said...

Good luck with those resolutions.

Wenchy said...

Good luck with your resolutions.