Friday, January 2, 2009

So its 2009...

And what a party we had!! A few of us got together at a friends house in Hartebeespoort and had the most amazing evening! Natasha was the most gracious host and I can truly say I saw the New Year in with Pizazz!!

2009 is also the year my baby starts Primary school - Grade 1. Today we went uniform shopping. It really was a bitter sweet moment when I saw her with her uniform on. I had tears of joy - I really am SO proud of her! She really is a bright little thing..ok she's not writing story books or anything but she really is perceptive - not much gets by her. She astounds me every day with things she says and her interpretation of things . And as luck would have it I can't think of anything right !!

Another little milestone for me...
Saige was at the other end of the room today..and I called her. She crawled over to me as fast as her little legs and arms could and all the while going MA MA MA MA MA...ok it was probably just a random sound but to me it sounded like Mama and I'm taking it..thanks very much ! :)

After re-reading this thread I have to add another "resolution" to my list. I really need to take more time out for Lemon. She is honestly a gem of a child and because I am so busy with Saige all the time (she is a very needy baby..or maybe I'm a needy mom?) that Lem is growing up in front of my eyes and I feel I am missing it.

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harassedmomsramblings said...

It was a cool party :)

I so hear you about spending more time with Lemon - I feel the same with Cameron (and Kiara is 4 but still SOO needy).

Lemon is a sweetie Tanya :) Grade 1 is a very hard thing for moms hey - I labeled Camerons stuff yday and it was a bid thing!