Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Do I expect too much?

When I was growing up I have fond memories of my dad being very involved in mine and my brothers lives.

I remember him making us breakfast every morning before school. I remember him making us lunch too (hence the reason I now can't eat butter on my bread...yuuuuuugh.) but bless his heart..he really did try.

I remember him helping with getting myself and my brother to school.

I remember him, every morning without fail, checking my mothers car in the morning - the water, oil. Even up to pulling her car out of the driveway. I remember him always taking my moms car to be filled with petrol.

This has shaped my opinions and beliefs as to what the role of the husband and father should be in the home.

I expect J NOT to sleep until 6.20 when I have to leave by 6.30
I expect help getting my children ready in the mornings.

I expect J to NOT play tennis for two hours every evening during suicide hour when bathing both kids, homework and dinner and is on the agenda for that time.

I expect J to help me with the transporting of the kids too and from school and not to be asked "why must I make sacrifices by helping to drop the kids off"

Am I expecting too much???


Lau said...

No you do not expect too much. I have similar ideas. What we experience as kids will shape our ideas as adults, unfortunately it doesn't always worj out that way. What you expect is not too much, he needs to appreciate what he has. Always remember, you deserve the best! Please believe that.

Jenty said...

Nope, you don't expect too much.

Corey~living and loving said...


yup...too much! lower those expectations, and you'll never be disappointed.

sigh...okay, that last part is true, but your expectations are not.

hugs again.

Matthew said...

just a drifter, saying, its not just because your father was involved in your life that you feel these expectations, he should be helping out because he wants to. your kids want him to! and you do... (Evidently) its those early memories that stick when parents are gone. does he read your blog?

Tanya said...

Hi Matthew :) What I have said here I have said to him before...and strangely enough what you said too. I really don't know how to get it through to him. Maybe I should stop trying.

Wenchy said...

I don't think you are asking or expecting too much at all.

My reality is a little different being a single mom with a full time partner.