Monday, January 19, 2009


I started off this post angry. I was really angry at DH as well as one other person..but I realised that that is too often my problem. I focus too much on the negative - so I decided to rather write about what good I had experienced today!!

You know my dilemma with the whole school transport thing? Well, today I got to the school at 6.40 - I waited till just before 7 before I left as there was no one else in her class there that early.
AND I still got to work on time!!! Ok granted, should there be any traffic issues I will be late..but I spoke to my boss and I think she kind of understands that that will happen from time to time. We will see how it pans out though. But I feel loads better about the whole situation!!

Then, helping Lem with her homework tonight. It gave me so much pleasure to see how much she had learned in one day! Ok I had a niggly tired baby on my hip but I was able to devote a lot of time to Lem and when she read her first sentence (actually READ - not recite) my heart just swelled with pride! She knew all the letters phonetically and KNEW what she was reading!

We had to cut out pictures in magazines of things beginning with "S" - and she really got it! Previously she just guessed.

My baby Saige cut her second tooth has been coming for a while but today it actually came through.

Lol I got the cutest video of her using one of our stools as a walker..I will have to figure out how to get it off my camera to here..but it is the cutest thing ever!!

So all in all both my girls made great strides today and I am going to bed a very happy mommy!!


Jenty said...

Well done to Lemon with the reading that's fantastic!

Lau said...

You are so right. Lem will do great with you as her mommy.