Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yay I have a ticker ..

So its time to start getting going on one of my Resolutions. I placed the ticker right at the top so I can't get away from it :)

I was shocked when I climbed on the scale this evening..I knew I was heavy but gawd not that big!!

For a second I wondered if the scale was faulty, lol as a year ago our house was flooded and as the scale was on the floor it was submerged...but..when I actually LOOK at myself I can believe that that's how much I weigh!!

I haven't really decided what diet I am going to go on.
I am still breastfeeding so that limits me somewhat.

For now I will start by watching what I eat and making healthy choices. Not that my choices have always been unhealthy - I always use Low Fat / No Fat as far as I can and our meals are grilled / baked, very seldom fried.

The trick is I need to start moving my a$$ - I do very little exercise. Many moons ago I was a body builder - I still have loads of that muscle exercising - the muscles kick into fat burning mode.


harassedmomsramblings said...

Good luck Tanya :)

I am adamant that cutting out carbs like bread and pasta can also help!!!

Fiona's photo a day said...

You can do it Tanya
I'll be joining you soon ;)