Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nervous for tomorrow..

As I mentioned previously I am photographing a friends baby tomorrow and I am rather nervous.
I've been reading alot of online tips though and I feel a leeeeeetle bit better :)

I did find a nifty new gadget though..I'm going to ask my brother in Perth to see what his price is. The Ozzie Dollar is better for us then the US :)

I am on leave for the next week and I am totally thrilled! I did want this past week as well but my boss felt it would be "too long and I would have too much to catch up" Blugh!!

Its going to be a busy one eldest daughter starts Primary school and I still need to finish off shopping for her. But - I am looking forward to some me time - its been way too long since I had any!!

OMG look at the time...need to get some shut eye!



Unknown said...

I also spotted that gadget, damned expensive though!
good luck for today :)

Lau said...

Hey there, have a great break and good luck with the photos. I am sure that they will be perfect!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the pics :)

And ENJOY next week!! I only have the last 3 days off!!