Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So tomorrow is THE day

That my baby start Grade 1! I really can not believe how fast the time has flown!

I have finally finished marking all the stationery and uniforms - that was a job and a half!

We had a induction meeting at the school today where Lemmie got to meet her teachers and see her classroom. We had a short talk from the Principal and if today is anything to go by I am 100% happy that I have chosen the right school.

She is so excited - she could barely contain herself! I truly hope this excitement continues and she enjoys school as much as I think she will.

She helped me pack her first lunch box - I put in some dried fruit, strawberries and Cheese, ham and may sarmies cut in the shape of a flower. Thanks Jeanette :) :)

My only wish was that I could be there more for her - that I didn't have to work full day so I could be a tuck shop mom and be there for her homework in the afternoons.

She is a really bright little thing and I am so confident that she is going to do so well!

Good luck for tomorrow my baby - Mommy is so proud of you!!


Unknown said...

It's a wonderful school, I'm sure she'll be really happy there!
Is she doing the aftercare there in the afternoons?

Tanya said...

Yup - unfortunately I don't have a choice as far as that goes. I was just editing my post..dunno if you saw but the cookie cutters from you came in handy :) :)

Mika said...

ah i am sure she will do so well!!

Missing you tons!!!!1

Lau said...

So, how did the first day go? Did Lem have fun?

Anonymous said...

And how did it go??

That flower idea is very cute:)