Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How time flies!

This last week has flown by! My word! It was an incredibly hectic one for me!

First..there was the debacle of trying to find a dress for my year end function that was on Thursday the 11th at The Venue, Melrose Arch. Clothing stores these days do NOT cater for plus size women unless you like looking like a table cloth from your grandmothers kist.

So, I in all my wisdom decide to make something. Bear in mind its a formal occasion and the people I work with have Mega Bucks so thier wives / gf's always look fabulous!! I haven't sewn anything in about 2 years so what possessed me God only knows because I sure as heck don't. It ended up with me in tears at 2 am on Thursday morning not being able to finish my dress.

But..luckily..lol I was able to find something at Cresta the next day. Ok..I still look like I'm pregnant but at least I had a dress!

My husband also had a training course in Midrand last week - Wednesday to Monday. So that meant me dropping him off in the morning before work and fetching him in the evenings...AFTER I had fetched the girls..so you can only just imagine what time I got home.

I really wish the man would get his license now. It is really taking its toll on me but he doesn't see it. Next year when Lemon starts school I do not know what I am going to do?? I can't drop her off at the school before 7am -and I need to leave my house by 6.30am the latest to get to work on time..after I have dropped everyone else off!

I'm almost physically ill worrying about this..maybe I should just let things be - and they'll sort themselves out??


harassedmomsramblings said...

WOW Tanya you looked hot!!!

Ja try not stress about next year - enjoy Christmas and then cross the bridge!!!

But you do know my feeling on your chauffeur services!

Jenty said...

You look gorgeous in that dress!

Gilz said...

Looking gorgeous!