Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Xmas!!

Wow I can't believe the day is finally here!!

The excitement from Lemmie is so contagious! We were tracking Santa earlier and boy did we have fun! I ended up downloading Google Earth too so we would track him in 3 D ! It was so cute..he was a cartoon character..and at one point you see him in close up and he waves..Lem got SO excited and started waving back shouting "he can see me mom!!"

I really hope I have another year or two of her believing...but with her starting Grade 1 next year its doubtful..I am sure someone will spill the beans! lol.

This christmas is different for one very big reason. For ever christmas I can remember I get a little sad and take some time to think about my real family (I'm adopted). I always used to wonder where they are and how they were and if they ever thought of me. September I found my older brother..on Facebook of all places!! So this year is the first of many I won't be wondering!!

Merry Christmas my dear friends..and I wish you all much love and happiness!!


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Laura said...

Merry Christmas Tanya! Hope you have all had a super great day!!

ARGH WP wont let me sign in now!!