Monday, December 22, 2008 much going on

in my head at the moment! I'm not quite sure what to post here..or if it will even make sense!

Firstly- I saw a job advertised today that I think I really want. Its a sales consultant for a photographic store. I know it may be a pretty lame job to some..but I've reached a stage in my life that I want to do what I love...and this would be perfect - combining photography and Photoshop - two of my..I suppose you could call them passions?

The pro's are this shop is really close to my fetching and carrying the kids from school next year wouldn't be a problem..and my petrol bill would probably halve!

The only downside is the store is open public holidays and weekends, but, I don't think you would have to work every weekend or holiday? It more then likely works on a rotational basis.

I am so tempted to apply!! It all obviously depend on the salary too - considering my petrol would halve I could afford to take a bit of a knock..but obviously not too much!!

You know what? I'm going to apply! What have I got to lose?? Nothing! I can always see what the salary and work timetable is like?

Wish me luck..will kup!


Jenty said...

Good luck. Seriously working in a shop is not easy. It's very long hours for very little pay. And you will work most weekends and public holidays, I'm sure.

Tanya said...

Its the close to home bit that grabbed me the most..I really have to find a job closer to home...and as in like yesterday..I wonder if I could do it for a bit till I find something else? Lol now I'm just confusing myself again!

harassedmomsramblings said...

Working in retail is not fun Tanya - and make sure you check their closing times - some shops stay open till 18h00 - that wont help you with the kids - even if you close to home!!

I do agree about doing something you love but like Jeanette said shop work is pretty crappy sometimes!