Thursday, April 24, 2008

We start at A :)

So I have had my Canon 350D for over a year now but still taking sub standard pictures.
I have been using it on "auto" settings as I have just not got the hang of using my Aperture, shutter and ISO settings correctly.

As I am now on leave for a few months I decided to "conquer the beast" lol.

I decided to pick the them A-Z and everyday will take a pic of something representing a letter of the alphabet :)

Today is A - so I chose Autumn. Most of the trees in my complex are evergreen, so today I strapped my baby in her kango pouch, and with camera in hand we went hunting for any autumn foliage.
I managed to find 2 trees and a shrub - lol. All pictures I post will be resized and maybe cropped but no photoshopping :)
Hopefully by the time I get to Z I would have got the hang of things :)

Here's the first pic - I really liked how the leaves looked from behind, the sun seemed to really highlight the colors. I am rather pleased with how it came out.

These leaves were on the same tree - these are with the sun behind me.

This was another little shrub that I found, The colours dont look so vivid here. I think my white balance may have been off or my aperture wasnt right?

And I just had to include this last pic of my noo noo sleeping in the Autumn sun ;)

See you tomorrow for "B" :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love autumn colours.
nicely done babes