Monday, June 2, 2008

E is for Elegant

I decided to try start taking more pics of people as my skills as far as that goes are severly lacking. I actually had a thought of selling my camera this weekend because I am so bad at it lol.

I had to buy Lemon a new ballet outfit as hers was taken from school, so I thought I would take some pics of her in her new outfit. Ballet is elegant right? lol.

I tried the black and white setting on my camera - and yup I need some more practise me thinks :)

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Anonymous said...

Tanya, it's not bad. But I would have gone a bit closer and cut more of the walls out. And I never use the B&W function on the camera, I prefer changing it to B&W on PS because you can adjust the levels of B&W.
Don't sell your camera!!