Thursday, July 3, 2008

Flood Pics

Here are pics of the floods at Shelley Beach last week as promised. Sorry they are late - time just ran away with me!

This was the beach on Monday around lunchtime. I noticed those marks on the top left of the photo and after changing lenses realised it was the camera that was dirty. Jase managed to clean it for me.

This was the same beach 3 days later!! You can not imagine what was washed up - it was interesting walking among the debris!

I found a couple of dolls heads lying around, I found that very strange!

The beach was littered with dead fish. I think they are fresh water fished washed down the river into the ocean.

The trees washed up were ginormous!! Imagine a beach littered with trees like this and you can maybe imagine the storm that brought them there.

The golf course. You would be forgiven for thinking this was a river!

Debris on the beach.

A new moon after all the chaos. I love this shot!

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Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous moon shot!
And OMW at the debris!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jeanette, I was surprised as I didnt have my tripod and my shutter speed was very slow - theres no hand shake lol!