Monday, June 8, 2009

The Holiday Curse..s...

I'm actually having a quiet giggle here...there are two things that always, without fail, happen before we are due to go on holiday.

1. The car breaks down.

The car went in for a service last week - was meant to cost in the region of R800.
It landed up costing R6000 as the mechanics (and my dad) kept finding different things that needed to be fixed.

2. J doesn't want to go with..
I can bet my life on it that the week before us having to leave on holiday J starts with "I don't want to go cos I'm not wanted" story. Oh and its the "I'd rather be happy on my own then miserable with you" story too. You know what? Cry me a f**ing river why don't you! In typical Leo fashion I have to stroke the mane, boost the ego...well not this time! Honestly once I decided to leave him behind and was half an hour into my journey and I felt so bad I went back home and spent an hour begging him to please come with J, it won't be the same without you J blah blah f**ing blah.

Well not this time I won't. His bags are packed on Friday morning or they're not. If he wants his kids to grow up with holiday photos that DON'T include him then so be it.

I will have a great time with my girls regardless of whether he is there or not.

I am done begging.

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