Friday, September 24, 2010

How much more?

So after last weeks episode J has now decided to sue me for custody. He has applied for an emergency custody order.

He asked that I give him the girls for 3 months to *sort myself out* and that he would give them back after the 3 months? When I said no he then went ahead with the court application.

I am absolutely finished! There is no way in hell he is getting these girls! For those that have been reading my blog for a while you will know exactly the kind of things he has done - I can't see how a judge would award that to him? But there is also that nagging feeling that *just maybe*

Apparantly I will be getting a summons on Monday to appear in court during the course of next week. Part of me doesnt really believe him as he has been threatening this the last few months. But, I have my game face on and I will fight for my girls. I will fight for as long as it takes.

I have started preparing my arsenal for the war and right now I believe mine looks pretty good - if what my attourney has told me is anything to go by.

So, yet anothe battle I need to fight due to this man. He is saying P is the bad one he doesnt want around the kids hence the fight.

But - P is no longer around. So I really find his claim baseless. But I suppose right now its not up to me.

If he gets my girls he takes my life away.


Melany aka Supermom said...

Oh no :( I'm so sorry he is doing this

Wenchy said...

I am trying to catch up with blogging and I am sorry... so sorry... sometimes life just fucking sucks on so many levels and other times there isn't enough butterflies for the joy.

I wish you strength.

Momcat said...

He wont get the girls. Lack of money is not sufficient reason. You are not an alcoholic or a drug user. He should be supporting you. He is full of shit. The courts wont support that nonsense. Hang tough. Your girls will stay with you. Typical guy bullying tactics. They always try hit your weak point. You will come out of this a much stronger person. Dont try to foresee the future. Just handle one day at a time. You will pull through.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I hope since then all has been quiet.

No update?

Sally-Jane said...

How did things go Tanya, did you have to go to court?