Monday, October 27, 2008

Here we go...

I've wanted to get this blog up and going for a while now, but recent events in my life have been the final push. My life is pretty stormy at the best of times..but the last two weeks have been unreal..even to me!

I lost a friend. No, no one died..a friendship died. A friendship that I had thought was so strong, whose foundations were so solid that we would be "together forever".

I am still trying to figure out how it could all have gone so wrong...from us being happier in each others company then anyone elses to us not being able to attend social functions together.

I have gone over and over what transpired in my head and I don't understand. Maybe I'm not meant to.

What I do know is she will always be special to me and although I think our friendship may be over for good, the good times we shared will be indelibly etched in my mind.


Jenty said...

that's so sad Tanya.

harassedmomsramblings said...

Sorry Tanya ;(

Its so hard when that happens!!

Carol Markusse said...

That is really so, so sad Tanya. I really hope you are able to patch it up with your friend. Friendships like you describe really on come by once in a life time if you are lucky.