Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A quick moan...

Before I jump into bed with Edward (Twilight)

Seriously though I am totally pissed off.

I spend no money on myself at all. None. J at least once a month buys a Playstation game for a couple of hundred rands...or like on Sunday bought a new tennis racket as his broke - purely from his own doing.

I was emailed the PDF book of Stephenie Meyers Twilight series. I have only recently started reading again.

I love it. I am almost finished book one and will eagerly move onto the next 3 books in the series.

But..I felt guilty having the PDF's that I didnt pay for..so I ordered myself the books from Kalahari. Its only R400 for the 4 books??

I've been made to cancel the order as "it isn't necessary to pay for books when you have them already" and I'm wasting money. Fark I am so annoyed. I stress about money every goddam day. I do the shopping and I pay all the bills. I know whats going on in my finances.

So what I have them on PDF? Its not the same as climbing into bed with a book you know??

And yes..maybe it was an irrational impulse buy...but so what????
I've flippin allowed him to buy countless white elephants that are cluttering up my bladdy house!!!!!

Flip the more I think about it the angrier I get.

Night night..I think a few pages of Twilight will cheer me up


Jenty said...

Bugger him! You have a right to buy a few books damnit!

Gilz said...

I feel the same. When i was totally broke in January. Riaan went and bought Guitar Hero World Tour for R3500. I was livid. I'm broke and can't afford to buy groceries and he went and spent that amount of money on a game! On one hand, yes he works hard for his money but couldn't we have spent it in more practical ways??? Men!

Wenchy said...

We should all be allowed some bits of nonsense that make us happy.

supermom said...

I agree with Wenchy

memyselfandkarin said...

That's no fair. :( (((HUGS))) Get the books!!! :D

Corey~living and loving said...

I'm sorry for the unfairness. hugs!

Lau said...

The reason Q gave for rather downloading is that we have no space. He has a point. I can however guarantee you that if we had the space he would not have thrown such a fit. You work so hard for your money, you have right to get what you want to get. Don't let someone else do that to you.

Natacha said...

Sometimes we just won't get men logic. Honestly!

I hope you did buy the books eventually!