Saturday, March 7, 2009

She is walking!!

My baby is walking!!! Ok a few steps are followed by a thump down onto her she is walking!!

I am so enjoying this stage!! She gets so excited when she starts off that she hits a speed wobble and "boemp" lol down she goes!! Aww man I could just eat her up!

I do have video..but I can't find my firewire card so I can download and then upload for you guys :)

I can not believe that this time a year ago I was still pregnant..time has gone so fast!!

So its almost time to celebrate my angel Saige's 1st birthday :) :)

I've wanted to bake her something really special!! In all honesty I can not afford to give her the party I really want to..but she will have a cake !!

I found this one that I would like to try..I can't wait :)

BUT - due to my previous disaster with a two layer cake I am only going to do the bottom layer.


Jenty said...

Very cool! Well done little Saige!
What a stunning cake, even one layer will be spectacular

Corey~living and loving said...

how exciting. I love when they start walking. I love the wobbliness. :)

that cake is darling. I'll wish you luck. I suck at cake making.

Laura said...


Gosh Tanya that cake is amazing!!!!!! WOW!

Gilz said...

Congratulations Saige. Well done big girl. Love the cake. Good luck on getting that intricate work done.

supermom said...

Wow that cake is stunning!!!! Congratulations on her walking :)

Lau said...

How time has flown. She looks gorgeous and she is adventurous. She is truly your daughter. As for the computer table - I agree, dismantle for now rather. You are a great baker. I am sure that the cake will be brilliant!