Friday, February 12, 2010

So now there's someone else.....

Thats the reason J is using to justify me wanting to leave him to his family. TO HIS FAMILY.
He is telling them all that he has NO idea why I want to leave him, that the only reason he can think of is that I am in love with someone else.

So now I'm the skank.

Wednesday morning J sends an email to his brother giving him the news.
His brother replied that he was in tears, couldn't stay at work because he was so upset with the news.
J then says that he too, is upset and can't understand why I am doing this.

Have I been dreaming the last 10 years???????
has this man heard ANYTHING I have said over the last couple of years???

I am upset with J, I ask him how can he tell his brother that he doesnt know? So he says because he doesnt? *rolls eyes*

J then sends and email to the whole family asking me to explain why I am leaving him so he doesn't have to lie, and if it is someone else then I must just tell them.


If it hadn't been for his brothers extreme reaction my reply would have been something along the lines of this:
I am leaving your brother because he could not be bothered to get his drivers license, and when I ask him about it he says "I'm hoping you'll leave me if I don't"
I am leaving your brother because despite me having a protection order in place (which I should never have had to get in the first place) he still thinks its ok to hit me in front of your neice, who tries to fight him off and begs me to have YOUR BROTHER/HER FATHER arrested.
I am leaving your brother because I WILL NOT have Saige endure the same trauma that Lem has.
I am leaving your brother because he thinks its "ok" to play his Playstation all day, every day leaving me alone anyway to raise the children and do everything else.
And if any of you still think its OK to stay with your brother then you are just as fucked as he is!

If I had half the balls most people think I did then I would send that. Maybe I should just. Fuck it!

But for now I need my energy for tomorrow afternoon when I see his sister who just arrived back in the country yesterday. She now thinks I'm an adulterer. Joy. I'm now the bitch thats leaving her brother for another man!
She forgets she has a protection order against him too!


Wenchy said...

You are leaving him for someone else... it's called HAPPINESS.

send the mail.

Gillian said...

Is it really important that they know why you are leaving them? Its you that matters!

Jenty said...

He is an ass, he really is!
I didn't realise his sister has a protection order against him too

babesrose21 said...

Go send this message to them! He's idiot!

angel said...

I wish I could tell you to just ignore it…
I’m sure they know he’s a selfish twat, they just don’t know how to admit it to themselves.

Melany aka Supermom said...

I agree with are leaving him for some'one' called happiness. Whatever. They (HE) won't accept that he is wrong and will have to blame you for it.