Monday, July 18, 2011

Cake, cake, and more cake :)

Shew the last few weeks have been busy for me on Cake side...I am becoming known as the "short notice baker" I think :) :) I do love it though, I work best under pressure - I am a born procastinator so the less time I have to do something the better :)

These are the cakes I have done the last few weeks - I loved doing the Spongebob, that really pushed me a bit - I made all the little cupcake toppers myself and loved playing around with Spongebobs expressions. i did however have a slip in the front when doing the lines of the pineapple...could kick myself for that but otherwise I am happy with how it turned out. The Barbie...*sigh* I love doing those too as I love all things pretty and pink :) I just love how the icing falls naturally and creates the ruffles of the skirt. And then I let go with my glitter and flowers and pearls and and.
The Jamesons was for a friend of a friend who decided at the last minute she wanted a birthday cake :) My friend told me she hadnt had cake in about a year as she couldnt eat eggs. so..I tried, for the first time, an eggless cake. I must admit it tasted pretty good.....I may just decide to use it as the base for most of my cakes from now on.

I have another Hello Kitty and a Volcano coming up in the next two weeks...the Volcano one is going to be VERY interesting! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear your cake little business is taking off Tanya. You definitely have a talent for making yummy looking cakes :)

Lea White said...

What beautiful cakes! You have a real talent!

Anonymous said...

The Barbie one is a work of genius!

My mother-in-law is the family cake maker. She does weddings, birthdays etc. She did a Barbie cake once for her niece, but the skirt was nowhere near as good as yours!


The Chantal said...

wow you're quite talented!

Wenchy said...

My daughter and I love your cakes. Please e-mail me some prices (ball park)