Monday, May 19, 2008

E,F and G are gone :(

I took some great photos this weekend, when I tried downloading them my CF card gave me an error , I couldnt fix it :( Only thing I could do was format the card. It seems to be working ok now - will go out later and get some more pics. In the mean time, I wanted to share these pics with you. They are my all time favourites :)

This one was taken at Sun City - the lizards was on a rock about 5 metres away, I used my 75/300 Lense and lay on my tummy to get this shot lol

We were playing tennis the one afternoon and there was this lone sun flower growing next to the courts. I love how bright the petals look in contrast to the sky.

This was taken at the Dolphin show at Ushaka Marine World. The dolphins were about 20 meters away and I used my 75/300 lense here, and I had no tripod. I am super proud of this shot as I managed to firstly catch the dolphins as they jumped out the water and that my focus was spot on.

This is my daughter on a beach in Ballito. I think the photo has an artsy feel to it, lol. I will probably print an enlarged pic and maybe block mount it :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry you lost your other pics Tanya :( How dissapointing!

Your other pics are very cool though and yes you need to get some of them printed...definately

Anonymous said...

That lizard photo is stunning!!
Sorry about your other photos that are lost, that's very annoying

Anonymous said...

I love this pic of Lemmie at the beach.