Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"C" is for Cacti or Cosmos

I wanted to try and capture some of the neighbours cats that come through my garden during the day, Murphy's Law today they stayed away, lol. So, I went on a walkabout today and found some Cacti and some Cosmos.

I decided to shoot setting my shutter speeds only - the camera set the aperture automatically.

This is the inside of a cactus I found. I really like the shadows on the left, it gives some dimension don't you think?

This was another cactus I found, the Aloe. The color here is slightly off, my white balance was off I think. I didn't change that.

I love how this one came out - the aloe was rather tall so I shot this looking up. The sky came so blue! A perfect winter afternoon :)

Heres the Cosmos - I was so surprised to find a few, normally I have only seen them on the side of the road. The cosmos was also more pink in real life - I really need to work on my settings more, specifically ISO and White Balance.

I have no clue what to shoot for D - will give it loads of thought :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like the first shot.
Cosmos comes in a range of colours, and can even be a VERY dark pink, almost maroony colour.
As for D... dog, doll, door handle?