Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I have a dream....

Well two actually. And although neither of them necessarily depends on the other,the one would be far easier if the other came to fruition :)

I want to live at the coast. Dream no 1
And I want to be a work-from-home-mom.

The 2 weeks I spent at Uvongo were nothing short of amazing!!! As a Cancerian (well a Gemini according to the new signs but I'll stick with Cancer thanks :) ) I am happier at the coast as Cancerians are
ruled by the moon and the moon's influence is strongest at the ocean. :)

Clambering around the rocks with my girls, showing them things, exploring, poking around...THAT is how I want so spend my days! Sitting on the patio watching the moon shine its silver glow over the Ocean.

I have given myself a time-line - and that is in 3 years I want to be living by-de-see.

As for working from home? Well there a few interests I have that hopefully will generate an income.
First one is Photography. This is a scarey one. lol. I have a lot of friends that are the most incredible photographers - but photography has always been an interest of mine and judging by my research - there arent that many lifestyle photographers at the coast. So for now my route down this road is to learn my camera...well not my camera as such but rather learn the settings and what they do. Right now I have a vague idea lol.
That is the reason I have revived my photo blog. Please pay a visit? I would appreciate any and all feedback!

Secondly is my jewellry. I have been on a roll since Xmas and it is steadily maintaining. I just need that breakthrough for it to be viable enough as an income rather then pocket money.

So thats it. I have a dream. One that I feel I really really could reach. One that I NEED to reach. For me. For once!


colsev said...

you really can do anything you set your heart to Tanya - I wish you luck with your ventures and you know you can come to me for any help you need.

Get to know your camera, what it's capable of - and practise on everyone!

Hayley said...

Go for it! Its so good to know exactly what you want.

The Chantal said...

Working from home would be awesomeeee, although my work feels like home so it too is awesome but if I had to change jobs then I'd also aim for that.

Can you post some pics of the jewellery you make?

I live very close to the beach, ehhh it's okay, I guess coz its been like that my whole life its no big deal, I think landscapes are really beautiful n would rather overlook forests n fields :)

Good luck with the 3 yr plan.