Thursday, January 13, 2011

It just never ever ends!

I had a day from hell today again!
J and I still have a joint account at FNB (its a One account..the bond account on my house but its also a cheque account. Until i take the property over its in both names)
Genassist put through a double debit order in December and refunded me to the FNB account (I now use my ABSA account) and the rent for the 2nd property we own goes in there too.

I asked J to pls change the cell phone number for the internet banking to my cell number so I could get my insurance refund out (I was banking on that money to get me through the rest of the month) as well as transfer the rental monies to the bond as they were paid late and the debit order bounced.

He has been flat out ignoring me for two days - I went to teh bank today to draw a statement, he has transferred all the money to his account. My refund as well as the rental money.

When I emailed him he said basically F*k you, its "my" money.

He has left me with 55 cents

The worst is now Lem was crying cos I promised her new school shoes today and I cant get them and the kids are teasing her cos her shoes are broken F**k I hate him!

But - every dog has his day right?

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Momcat said...

It never will end as long as your financial issues are tied up with each other. Is there no way of cancelling the debit order for the home loan. If they wont cancel, make sure you draw out your money before the debit order goes through and then just pay them separately the exact amount for the bond. Arrange for the rental money to be paid to your ABSA account via your attorney as part of your maintenance agreement. This should not be difficult to arrange. Dont leave anything up to J since he is sabotaging his own kids. Im so sorry you are going through this again. Dont trust him to do the right thing at all.

Momcat said...

PS This is why I have high credit card accounts so that I could provide for my kids what their father never would. Its so easy for them to say to everyone "I've got no money!"

Wenchy said...

He is such an asshole