Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Got some FAB news today!!

Finally a bit of happy!! :) :)

My brother, who lives in Perth, will be here for a week at the end of March!!! Eeeeeeek I am so excited!!!!

I was chatting to his girlfriend today and she said "I am sure you are thrilled to have him home for a bit" - I was like "whaaaat" ?? Bbm'd him and yup = he will be here March 25th :)

I haven't seen him since November 2009 when we scattered my moms ashes.. Last year was probably the toughest year of my life with the divorce and custody case and everything else - I so badly wanted him here to help me through it....Although he is my baby brother he has, in the last few years, been my rock. The voice of reason amidst the craziness and emotion.

And the best part is he will be here for Saige's 3rd birthday party :) He has only ever been to one of my kids birthday parties and that was Lem's third.

Cant wait for you to be here Boetie!!!!


Jenty said...

That's such fantastic news!!

Hayley said...

Awesome news!

My husband's sister lives in NZ and I can see how much it hurts him to not be involved with her family. We last saw them in 2004...hopefully we are going to see if we can get across there later this year.

Anonymous said...

That's great news! This year *is* going to be a better year for you guys :-)