Thursday, November 26, 2009

A picture post of my weekend away :)

Hope you guys dont mind loads of pics :) :)

My brother, dad and myself went to the Eastern Transvaal last weekend to scatter my moms ashes as she told us many many times.

We stayed here . I loved it so much I've booked for the Easter Holidays :)

There's lots of pics..I really couldn't decide which to*blush* here are all my faves!

We had to drive over this river to get to town. It was raining heavily and the bridge is level with the has *storm drains* on either side. It was scary for me lol

Fabian and I preparing dinner.

Aiiii....Braaing (barbecueing) in the rain!

The spot where we laid my mom's ashes to rest. That fence is the Kruger park fence with the Crocodile river below. It was the perfect, perfect spot! Fabian and I actually got out the car to follow the hippo that was walking on the bank so I could photograph him...and we came alone this rocky outcrop.

One of my best pics ever!

The Hippo as mentioned previously. Gosh I love this place. To see wildlife like close! its unbelievable!

My mom used to own this piece of ground many years ago..and sold it when they were in some financial difficulties. It was probably the biggest mistake her and my dad made....ever!

the piece of ground my dad used to own. Same story as my moms. Very sad actually. This house and the ground is now for sale..Fabian and I are talking about buying it back. (at almost 12 times what my dad sold it to this guy for!)

Flip this funny..on the Friday night Fabian and I had had one too many drinks..heheheh...and he screamed at me to quickly grab my camera as a Lion was circling our house!!! pmsl.

A momento I bought of the trip :)

Thanks so much for sharing this with me....I feel very much at peace now. I still miss my mom....terribly...but I feel very calm and proud knowing I was able to do exactly what she should have wanted!


Jenty said...

Love the statue you bought.
Glad you found the perfect spot

momcat said...

Its great that you managed to combine a family weekend away to a lovely spot and spending time with your brother with the fulfillment of your mother's wishes.

Corey~living and loving said...

so wonderful to hear joy in your writing. :) love the photo of you and your brother cooking as well.

mywindowsill said...

What a beautiful, resful site that you can keep on coming back to.

It looks like you and your brother made a great team. xxxxx

Wenchy said...

I love the momento!!!