Thursday, November 5, 2009

Doing what I love

Anyone that knows me well knows I have a passion for beading. Specifically Jewelery.

Each of my friends have got at least one beaded item from me as a gift and I like to match the piece to the person :)

For the last few months I have had no motivation at all to make anything. I've looked at my beads but then just as quickly packed them away.

Last week a mom on a parenting forum I frequent asked me if I could make her a bracelet similar to what I made her a few years ago as she has since had another child so needed his name added too.

Its been my dream to be a Work-at-Home mom earning my living from my beading. I cant think of anything better then being surrounded by my pretty colourful beads all day creating unique pieces :)

I have been wanting to start a website for ages.....I think the motivation may slowly be creeping back :)

Here is a pic of the finished piece lol I just couldn't get the letters to sit up straight :)


Corey~living and loving said...

it is so very beautiful. I hope you find the time and motivation to do it more.

Madi said...

No I want some

Jenty said...

That is so gorgeous!

Gillian said...

It is very special indeed and beautiful. I need to get your price list and how long it takes you to make a piece like this.

gnatj said...

That is magnificent!
Such a beautiful idea...

mywindowsill said...

that is beautiful.

please make up a little page with samples and prices and we can all post a link from our blogs. let the ordres flow in. ;-)

Natacha said...

WOW Tanya, I LOVE this!!!!!!!

angel said...

Oh WOW!! That is beautiful!
Do you take orders?
Will you email me some prices?