Sunday, November 1, 2009

So my decision has been made for me..

One of the biggest factors around me moving in with my dad was Lem's schooling.
There are four schools in the area - the two my dad are zoned for are honestly cr@ppy. The one is the primary school I went to, but a LOT has changed and its now one of the worst in the area.

The 2nd is a Dual Medium school... But walking around the school I didnt feel very confident in sending Lem there. The buildings arent well maintained, nor are the grounds. The classrooms are also dark and dingy. I didnt like it at all.

The other two we are not zoned for - they are both excellent but I did favour the one over the other. I applied to the Dual medium and the two we are not zoned for. She was accepted into the dual medium, but not to the other two as they are full already with people in Zone A (the feeder area).

So - the question is do I risk Lem's education at a school that isnt half as good as the one she is in now for my dads happiness?
My answer is no. I only have once chance at Lem getting a good education. There are no second chances - so for now I will not be moving.

My dads friend told him that we should "just put Lem into a private school". Sure bud, if you are paying! And he also doesnt realise the waiting lists that the private schools have!

My dad is not happy with me not moving there though, he was all miserable and stuff today, but honestly..what does he expect me to do?
I'm sorry but I will not risk my childrens education (or anything else) for anyone.

I told him that J and I were looking at houses around here with cottages - so he could move in with us. He went on about having to sell all his stuff and getting below market prices for it (specifically the 5 cars that are just standing there) So I told him that if he wants to be in that big house alone, with all his "stuff" - then so be it. It's his choice but then he must stop crying about it.


Cheryl McCree said...

Glad to hear that you have arrived at a decision about moving in with your dad.

Corey~living and loving said...

Been thinking of you. Keep on the path of putting your children first, and you can't go wrong. :)

Jenty said...

Glad you're come to a decision... I probably would have made the same one... based purely on the kids.
WTF is your dad doing with 5 cars?

Gillian said...

Good decision at putting Lem first. Your family is most important.

You are not responsible for your father's happiness.

angel said...

I am so glad you put yourself and Lem first and made a choice that makes you feel good.