Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My word was I a bundle of nerves today!!

I posted about the predicament I found myself in with getting myself to work on time after I have dropped off two children and a husband?

I have been getting to work between 5 and 20 mins late every day the last two weeks. I have been almost physically ill due to the stress of that..not to mention what it has done at home! I bit the bullet and did something completely out of character for me.

I approached my boss about the possibility of me starting at 8.30am rather then 8am.

Now for most this wouldn't be a big deal..but I am a serious chicken sh*t - I really really need to muster up the courage to ask my boss for ANYTHING!

Well - she surprised me! She was so understanding and really nice about it! Turns out she was planning to speak to me next week due to my late coming and was glad that I had approached her first.

After that things moved really quickly! lol..within and hour I had approval from the MD!I do take a slight salary cut - but that was too be expected.

So - from tomorrow I start work at 8.30am - and I am so relieved I can not explain it!


Jenty said...

I cannot believe they made you take a paycut for 1/2 hour!! But glad they listened

Corey~living and loving said...

I'm sorry to hear of the pay cut, but so glad that you are feeling good about it! :) You must feel so proud of yourself.
have a good day!

supermom said...

That is going to make SUCH A difference to your mornings!!!

Is there no way for you to just work that 30 minutes in (like no tea break or working later?)

Tanya said...

I cant work later I have the same problem in reverse in the afternoons, lol.

My lunch is also half an hour and they wouldnt let me work that issues.

So..a small pay cut it is until my DH gets his ass into gear and gets his

Wenchy said...

Congrats! I did this recently also, but instead I asked to leave earlier in the day.

Well done!!!!