Thursday, November 27, 2008

All I do is moan..

isn't it? But I really need a place to vent sometimes!!!

I don't know what is quite wrong here. Is it really me like I am often told?? I lost a friend and now about to lose a husband too.

The reasons I want to moan this week I think are pretty valid?? lol
Tuesday - J spent R3000 on Guitar Hero World Tour - we could really not afford this right now!! You know I am still wearing my maternity clothes because I haven't wanted to spend money on new clothing as we are still in quite a bit of debt due to me being off work. I even buy cheaper nappies for Saige because its a difference of R1 per nappy.
Well..let me tell she got Pampers!! lol

Wednesday - Its my month end at work. Every month end for every month over the last two years I have worked late. Thats just how it is..there is no way to avoid it. I trust that J will fetch my girls from school by 6 - the time they close.
He got there at 7!! 7!! He was in a meeting and left work late. Ok he had to catch a taxi home and the taxi drops him off about 2 k's from here..but still. I can't help but be angry at him about that.
I know he is really upset too and me being upset does not benefit anyone nor help the situation but I can't help it.
I ask him for one day a month. Only one

As it is I am taking 4 days off work next week to take him to and fetch him from his training course in Midrand!

And then today he wants a divorce as "he cant do this anymore"

You know I am honestly so tired of fighting and begging and pleading now.

I am done worrying about how I will cope financially

I am done thinking "will I ever meet someone else"

I really am just done.


Unknown said...

~What an absolute waste of money!

Anonymous said...

Um - well if he opened the door Tanya??

Ok seriously I am sorry you had a crap week - I know the feeling :(

I suppose at least you get next week off?? (I am trying to find positives here)